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machinery / машины, машинное оборудование, механизм
имя существительное
machinery, enginery
машинное оборудование
mechanism, machinery, gear, machine, arrangement, movement
имя существительное
machines collectively.
farm machinery
farm machinery
Surviving machinery includes a waterwheel, shaft and stones, although it hasn't worked since the 1920s.
He was first alerted to the remains when a farmer began ploughing up pieces of fuselage and aircraft machinery .
The six lanes by the river were full of construction machinery and military vehicles.
If Mcm 10 plays a direct role in silencing, it should interact with components of the silencing machinery .
A well laid out internal network of main, cross roads and paths is essential for efficient movement of men and machinery .
However the components and machinery for making your own can be bought freely, no questions asked, in shops and on the Internet.
However, the reproduction machinery of an organism is not protected from mutations.
The board attributed the growth to increased demand for electronic components, machinery and plastic products in China.
To prevent the movement of further machinery , pickets later tied a specialised bicycle lock to the gates of the factory.