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machine / машина, автомат, аппарат
имя существительное
machine, car, engine, computer, apparatus
machine, automatic, automaton, automatic machine, machine gun, submachine gun
apparatus, machine, device, machinery, instrument, staff
machine, bench, tool, carriage, horse, machine-tool
mechanism, machinery, gear, machine, arrangement, movement
имя прилагательное
machine, mechanical, power, mechanic
действующий машинально
обрабатывать на станке
machine, mill
print, type, run, imprint, machine, list
sew, stitch, tailor, make up, needle, machine
имя существительное
an apparatus using or applying mechanical power and having several parts, each with a definite function and together performing a particular task.
a fax machine
(especially in manufacturing) make or operate on with a machine.
a decoratively machined brass rod
Its automatic teller machine network, which currently has 30 machines, is expected to be doubled by March 2000.
An overwhelming majority voted for punitive cash machine charges which will hit hardest their poorest customers, those living in rural locations and people on a pension.
He means the military machine of NATO, multinational companies, and institutions like the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.
His attacks on elite perquisites, and his imperious treatment of subordinates, made him anathema to the powerful party machine .
She came to him, literally in a daydream, when he was bored, frustrated and uninspired, working at his father's coffee machine repair shop in Venice.
he described the boxer as a fighting machine
This was a sad day indeed for the big bad wolf of the banking world, and not just because it must forego those rich pickings it planned to cream off from two billion cash machine transactions a year.
The party supported distributing pokie machine money in local communities, but wanted some set aside for a central fund to aid problem gambling.
The company has also provided communications equipment to the Sofia Underground and the Borika national automatic teller machine system.
If you hear the hard disk working furiously and the green light on the front of the computer is very busy, then the machine is performing a task.