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machinate / строить козни, интриговать
строить козни
intrigue, machinate
intrigue, scheme, plot, machinate, cabal, trinket
engage in plots and intrigues; scheme.
They have no place machinating behind the scenes now.
It also contains an interesting section on James L. Curtis, the archtypical machinator , and information on ‘sacred places and hallowed grounds: mines, miners, and mineral collectors.’
The picture could be a physiognomical paradigm of a conspirator, a machinator , a schemer, a Machiavel.
NY1 hears creaking and shouts of eminent domain from Pataki's office, as if he wasn't the visionless machinator behind the whole fiasco.
Attempting to place myself in the cogitating, machinating mind of Dr. Greenspan, I can envisage how he would seek to use his sham bullets for selectively meting out speculator punishment.
Hurricanes, severe earthquakes, dictatorships, revolution, counterrevolution, famines, epidemics, civil war, volcanic eruptions, and foreign machination have all besieged Nicaragua.
The problem with that is that the winner is then the side most skilled at political machination , or the person who's physically stronger - not the person whose conclusion is better.
Focusing on the GCC has given the impression that climate change obstructionism is confined to a handful of goggle-eyed fossil fuel fundamentalists machinating on the margins of respectable corporate society.
So, you are saying, Senator, that this is a deliberate machination on their part to throw or slow down the progress of this.
In yet another egregious political machination , however, Fujimori supporters in congress unconstitutionally thwarted this popular initiative on a dubious technicality.
With that power, I will be driven by pure machination , and I will destroy all sentient life that has the ability to cause war.