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machete / мачете, большой нож
имя существительное
большой нож
gully, machete, hatchet
имя существительное
a broad, heavy knife used as an implement or weapon, originating in Central America and the Caribbean.
In one hundred days nearly a million people were to die from bullets, grenades, machetes , and knives.
His only weapon was a machete , and he only had one good eye with a yellow iris that watched for his victims.
They were armed with machine guns and machetes and carried VHF radios.
Witnesses said Yuwono was dragged from his house by a number of people brandishing machetes and other sharp weapons, who later stabbed him.
Those pirates, armed with daggers and machetes , also used commando-style tactics in their attack, he said.
I wonder if she's also interested in knowing if there are knives in the home such as machetes or Samurai swords.
He said the gangs fought with double-barrelled shotguns, machetes , broken bottles, iron bars.
A number of machetes and other sharp weapons, as well as the remains of two burned motorcycles, were also seized as evidence in the investigation.
Well, just because machetes , spears, rifles and missiles are phallic, it doesn't mean men are to blame.
At the police station, Nordi saw huge mobs armed with guns, bombs, machetes , and bows and arrows running through the streets.
In this atmosphere of casual disregard for the law, it's unsurprising that some Bermudians choose to fight with knives and machetes in broad daylight.