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macaw / ара, южноамериканская пальма
имя существительное
южноамериканская пальма
имя существительное
a large long-tailed parrot with brightly colored plumage, native to Central and South America.
Mexico is home to toucans, vultures, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, parrots, macaws , and quetzals.
Here you stand a good chance of spotting such rare birds as the chestnut-fronted macaw and red-throated caracara.
Manchester is one of the prime areas for thefts of birds like macaws and parrots because a lot of people keep birds as a hobby.
Like all parrots, military macaws like to climb.
Many parrots, macaws and cockatoos are also being driven close to extinction by international trade.
The world's rarest parrots, including most macaws , are at special risk.
Chaco, Wupatki, and Aztec had imported the brightly plumed macaws .
Bird watchers are drawn from all over the world in search of species such as parrots, parakeets, hyacinth macaws , and wood storks.
Biologist and macaw expert Charles Munn, who has studied macaws in Peru for many years, has shown that in scarlet macaws these facial markings are individualized, like fingerprints.
These include ostriches, macaws , toucans, flamingos, storks and cranes.
The survey also featured 2,273 rabbits, 1,757 hamsters, 482 parrots and macaws , 233 ferrets, 81 donkeys and 47 newts and salamanders.