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mac / макинтош
имя существительное
mac, mackintosh, macintosh, slicker
имя существительное
his daily yearning for mac and cheese
a mackintosh.
This can only mean that Martine McCutcheon must own a Burberry mac too, hence minus points.
Open a can and eat them in place of other high-carb sides like mashed or baked potatoes, biscuits, pasta, or mac and cheese.
Happy hunting and remember that sometimes there really is no replacement for mac and cheese.
'what are you doing, mac?'
Because of the rain I've had to wear it with my Burberry mac , but it goes with it, so all is not lost.
Just what I expected - a good-tasting chili mac .
There probably won't be a single mac or trilby hat in sight at the Novotel on Saturday, he said.
Anyone up for homemade mac 'n' cheese?
his daily yearning for mac and cheese
It all began with the return of the mac last year when simple, A-line waterproofs became all the rage.
For instance, a parent might have to prepare two different meals - a low-fat dinner for himself and good old mac and cheese for the kids.