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lyricist / лирик
имя существительное
lyricist, lyrist
имя существительное
a person who writes the words to a popular song or musical.
Songs from the '20s, '30s and '40s represent collaboration with lyricists Oscar Hammerstein II, Ira Gershwin and others.
Javed Akhtar is responsible for many of my successes, being the lyricist of the songs that I sung.
Rennie is a gifted lyricist , and the songs are full of great lines and images.
I have always found it astounding that the lyricist of a song which almost ended up as our National Anthem never even visited our island nation.
She is trying her hand at becoming a music composer and a lyricist .
The public rendering of songs is not wrong if due acknowledgement is given to the lyricist , composer and musicians.
The songs written by a young lyricist , Nandakumar, focus on maternal affection.
We think the lyricist was a musical comedian and the song was written about 1900, maybe slightly earlier.
Gray the lyricist knows that a song is more than just good music and it's the lyrics that make his albums powerful.
He seemed such a beautiful and troubled person, so talented, I'm glad I learnt that he was also a fantastic artist as well as lyricist and song writer.
The songs were composed by lyricists Shakeel Badayuni or Sahir Ludhianvi, set to music by Naushad Ali and sung by Mohamad Rafi.