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lyric / лирический, лиричный, растроганный
имя прилагательное
lyrical, lyric
lyrical, lyric
affected, lyric, lyrical
имя существительное
lyrics, lyric, lyric poetry
лирическое стихотворение
имя прилагательное
(of poetry) expressing the writer's emotions, usually briefly and in stanzas or recognized forms.
Thus, in a number of discussions, I may have shown a little too much brain to one of my tennis partners, a writer of lyric poetry.
(of a singing voice) using a light register.
a lyric soprano with a light, clear timber
имя существительное
a lyric poem or verse.
And each string was a different poem, a different lyric organized around a distinct, intense emotion.
the words of a song.
she has published both music and lyrics for a number of songs
The poem as philosophical-historical sundial clearly applies to great European lyric poets such as Rilke and Celan.
Famed in his day as patriot, satirist, and foe to tyranny, Marvell was virtually unknown as a lyric poet.
The prestigious opera magazine OPERA NOW describes Ailish's voice as ‘A lyric voice of delicious purity’.
Although the tenor blew out his lovely lyric voice years ago, long before his bout with and recovery from leukemia, that doesn't seem to bother his fans.
I had heard a good deal about Holderlin, that he was the great nineteenth - century lyric poet of Germany.
And right on the next page you have ‘The Butterfly’, an exquisite lyric that reminds you of Cummings at his inspired best.
Melody after melody, lyric after lyric , song after song emerged, far more than she either needed or knew what to do with.
Fitzgerald, a fine lyric poet, neglected today, was able to accommodate his gifts to the buoyancy and basic serenity of the Odyssey.
But a song may look like nothing at all, or it may look disappointing, and still be a great lyric .
In the concluding ‘Wunderhorn’ song, Ying Huang sang with musicality and charm in a soaring lyric soprano voice.