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lye / щелок
имя существительное
liquor, lye, leach, lixivium, buck
имя существительное
a strongly alkaline solution, especially of potassium hydroxide, used for washing or cleansing.
Sodium hydroxide, NaOH, also known as lye and caustic soda, is one of the most important of all industrial chemicals.
To make the Biodiesel, we heated the oil, then mixed in a measured solution of methanol and lye .
From the age of 15 or so, I would have my hair straightened with such hair-loving products as lye and perm solution.
For example, sodium oxide dissolved in water yields sodium hydroxide, or lye .
The catalyst is usually a base, either lye (which is NaOH) or potassium hydroxide.
Because soap is made primarily from a caustic blend of boiled animal fat, lye and soda, it is highly alkaline.
It's important to avoid conventional oven cleaners; they contain lye and ammonia, which can damage your respiratory tract if inhaled.
In oven cleaners, lye and sodium hydroxide can burn skin, eyes, and the respiratory tract.
Most conventional whitening toothpastes use sodium or potassium hydroxides, also known as lye , which is considered a poison by the Food and Drug Administration.
Make soap using lye (from hardwood ash) and animal fat.
I set to work scrubbing on my green hair with the strongest lye soap, hoping for positive results.