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luxurious / роскошный, расточительный, любящий роскошь
имя прилагательное
luxurious, sumptuous, splendid, deluxe, palatial, rich
wasteful, lavish, prodigal, extravagant, profligate, luxurious
любящий роскошь
имя прилагательное
extremely comfortable, elegant, or enjoyable, especially in a way that involves great expense.
the bedrooms have luxurious marble bathrooms
After a relaxing meal we enjoyed a comfortable night in the luxurious Luxmore Hotel.
They lead a comfortable and luxurious life without anyone disturbing them.
Yesterday afternoon I went along to the luxurious Merrion Hotel for a very grand tea party.
He became a trainee manager at the Savoy Hotel, which was anything but luxurious .
If you feel you can just walk on by then I hope you can live with your luxurious extravagances day after day while the world beneath us suffers.
Could she be an aristocratic siren dressed in luxurious trench coats and Manolos who spoke in a posh British accent?
It is now a residence of the former rulers and part of it has been transformed into a luxurious five-star hotel.
It was one of the most luxurious hotel rooms we've ever stayed in.
Its luxurious and elegant interior has been refurbished and is a highlight of the museum.
The luxurious boutique hotel is just five minutes from Oxford Street, in an area renowned for its lively atmosphere.