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luxuriate / понежиться, наслаждаться, блаженствовать
luxuriate, slacken
enjoy, relish, delight, savor, revel, luxuriate
enjoy oneself in a luxurious way; take self-indulgent delight.
she was luxuriating in a long bath
We find Piccoli living in dignified isolation, racing remote-control cars with his grandson, doing Shakespeare, or simply luxuriating in a new pair of shoes.
Instead, it invites you to luxuriate in the familiar, to enjoy what you've enjoyed before.
We simply savoured and luxuriated in delight at the return of our normal peaceable existence.
Their oddity is that Lombardi's craftsmanship is so exquisite that one senses him helplessly luxuriating in the very complexity that he claims to find so suspicious.
So, instead of luxuriating in the restorative glow of words, I am muddling my way through a bunch of very badly amassed data, cleaning up too much - and too late.
I do feel that because males have been able to enjoy and even luxuriate in my largeness I could too.
There one is entitled to enjoy it, luxuriate in it even, and then move on to another painting hanging next to it.
Hence Sydney Airport's owners are luxuriating in profit margins of some 80% while forever seeking new avenues for gouging.
R. did not so much wallow in self-pity as luxuriate in a whimpering, orchestrated, self-flagellating symphony of slights, woes, and despairs.
I will enjoy fine food and wine in appropriate surroundings and luxuriate in the service I receive.