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luxuriant / пышный, буйный, богатый
имя прилагательное
lush, luxuriant, sumptuous, opulent, gingerbread, pompous
exuberant, lush, wild, riotous, luxuriant, unruly
rich, wealthy, affluent, abundant, full, luxuriant
flowery, flamboyant, florid, exuberant, gaudy, luxuriant
fertile, fruitful, fecund, prolific, rich, luxuriant
имя прилагательное
(of vegetation) rich and profuse in growth; lush.
forests of dark, luxuriant foliage
Its still surface is pictured with dainty reflections of boats and grassy banks and luxuriant foliage.
Britain needs more men with luxuriant heads of hair.
But oh, he was a handsome man, with hair as curly and luxuriant as that of Will's beautiful maid, and dark blue eyes that matched the color of the ocean in Brighton.
Della sells her luxuriant hair to buy Jim a chain for his gold watch, while Jim in turn sells his watch to buy a set of tortoise shell combs Della has desired for her hair.
Air-vehicles were fluently moving above ziggurats submerged in the luxuriant greenery.
On view until May 6, the exhibit examines his richly colored Pre-Raphaelite portraits of women blessed with cupid's bow lips, luxuriant hair and deep, hooded eyes.
They emerge from the luxuriant foliage like lost Mayan temples.
Pitt's ‘garbage’, along with his face and his body - the torqued biceps, the luxuriant hair - is his fortune, and the producers of Troy are hoping that it will be theirs, also.
The gift of the kings from the coastal regions was thousands of exquisite young girls from the Karpasika country, all slender-waisted, of luxuriant hair, decked in gold.
We have absolutely no fresh food in the house… except if you count the luxuriant growth of mould on an avocado I left in the fruitbowl.