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luvvy / luvvy
Yes indeed, the 2003 Tony's (US Theatre awards) were a wall-to-wall luvvy luv-fest.
And so the fear became: ‘Oh, he's an actor, he's being a luvvy .’
But I suspect he is just a luvvy , like everyone else.
Of course, the on-stage luvvies and their well-heeled fans who populate the grand city centre theatres won't be going near the place.
If you're a fan of the theatre, don't mind luvvies being luvvies and enjoy an elongated version of a Sunday night period melodrama, with an abundance of tomfoolery, then this should tickle your fancy.
As it's near the theatre, luvvies tend to pack in around performances - which sometimes spill into the bar!
As might be expected in the age of New Labour, the image of the 21 st-century Dome as a citadel of shampoo and long legs has its attractions for luvvies and policymakers.
That's the message from the arts world, and Downing Street must judge whether it's just a few jumpy luvvies or the revealing response of people whose job is to anticipate and satisfy the public's mood.
He whispers the word ‘artist’ almost shamefully, with the accent of a theatrical luvvie .
And so the politicians turned into badge-wearing luvvies as the pop stars, sombrely dressed in black, respectfully addressed the UN secretary general as Mr Annan.