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lustre / блеск, глянец, лоск
имя существительное
shine, splendor, gloss, brilliance, glitter, luster
gloss, luster, polish, shine, glossiness, sheen
gloss, luster, polish, shine, glossiness, varnish
имя существительное
a gentle sheen or soft glow, especially that of a partly reflective surface.
the luster of the Milky Way
a thin coating containing unoxidized metal that gives an iridescent glaze to ceramics.
The exhibition displays exquisite pieces made by fusing and blowing with top quality glass powders, precious metals, lustre and leafs from different countries.
a fabric or yarn with a sheen or gloss.
The Wensleydale's primary value is in its fleece, which produces among the finest lustre wool in the world.
a prismatic glass pendant on a chandelier or other ornament.
One of my little trees has been hauled in from the greenhouse, and at midnight, I will decorate it with spare chandelier lustres .
The Wensleydale's primary value is in its fleece, which produces among the finest lustre wool in the world.
The faceting of each individual stone gives it its own sparkle and unique lustre .
lustre yarn
Rulers of these comparatively minor states were engaged in a fierce cultural competition, designed to add honour and lustre to their dynasty.
The stiff, hard Guardis on the walls, in which tin gondoliers were propelling iron gondolas on a leaden lagoon, were but faintly visible by the tentative light of the circle of candles in the quivering lustre chandelier.
The most commonly seen items in this range are the Rouge Royale pieces, which have a deep red lustre finish with gilt decorations.
Even the statues of great scholars and freedom fighters that add lustre to the city's heritage will be covered with party flags and posters.
We said at the time that she was by far the most bourgeois of the available contestants, and would undoubtedly add lustre to the office.
Part of the craft of the painter consists in producing the appearance of film colours and volume colours, of lustre or glow or luminosity, by means of pigments which do not in fact have these qualities.
Tin purifies water, has an attractive silver lustre symbolic of light, and has no detrimental impact upon other substances.