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lurcher / воришка, жулик, мошенник
имя существительное
pilferer, sneak, nipper, lurcher, purloiner, ganef
rogue, swindler, con, cheat, phony, lurcher
rogue, swindler, fraud, rascal, impostor, lurcher
имя существительное
a crossbred dog, typically a retriever, collie, or sheepdog crossed with a greyhound, of a kind originally used for hunting and by poachers for catching rabbits.
The date is also traditionally the first day of hunting meets and foxhounds, lurchers , greyhounds, beagles, minkhounds, terriers and other hunting dogs will all be taken along to Higham.
a prowler, swindler, or petty thief.
In the following months, she went with Ye every afternoon after work to catch lurchers .
There was something about the place, something in the air - not so much a smell, as an aura - that made you check your step, as if you were a rabbit sensing a lurking lurcher .
Crab, in this case, is played by a somnambulant lurcher called Ria.
After a fortnight of failure, a villager reported that the lurcher repeatedly visited one isolated house.
That bloody lurcher cross breed was there again.
Performances by the lurcher dog display team, horse shoe making competitions and displays by Otley Ferret Welfare, vintage tractors and dry stone walling, gave everyone something to look at.
Grandad started to shake me, like a lurcher with a baby rabbit.
We were going to get a house and he wanted to get a lurcher puppy.
Annie is a lurcher - a crossbred dog - who was rescued by members of Limerick Animal Welfare following day and night searches in Castletroy.
That would be partly because a lot of landowners are killing hares to keep lurchers and poachers off their land.
There will be three rings at the dog show for greyhounds, lurchers , whippets and any other breeds.