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lurch / крен, шаткая походка, пошатывание
имя существительное
bank, roll, heel, heeling, list, lurch
шаткая походка
stagger, teeter, wamble, lurch
heel, careen, list, lurch
teeter, lurch, wamble
идти шатаясь
stagger, wabble, wobble, lurch
имя существительное
an abrupt uncontrolled movement, especially an unsteady tilt or roll.
the boat gave a violent lurch , and he missed his footing
leave an associate or friend abruptly and without assistance or support in a difficult situation.
Some of the ‘cool’ people will leave you in the lurch or betray your friends; at least one of the people you can't stand will prove to be a loyal, courageous, and inspiring friend.
make an abrupt, unsteady, uncontrolled movement or series of movements; stagger.
the car lurched forward
As the articles indicate, it is this crisis, in the final analysis, that lies behind the lurch to war and dictatorial forms of rule.
Their lurch to the Left was disastrous for them at the last election.
Alcohol was banned, minority Islamic sects were outlawed and the lurch to the right began.
Suddenly there was a great lurch , and he slid to the end of his cage.
Her eyes, dark and brooding, her body language - a little stoop here, a little lurch there - says it all.
The tank's engine rose and pitch, and gave a sudden lurch as the treads sprung to life.
Wrenching sideways, I feel the rope make a sudden lurch down, frightening me.
However, she felt a sudden lurch in her stomach as she came to an abrupt stop.
A second goal was in the air and Ruud van Nistelrooy went looking for it with a melodramatic lurch to the ground in search of a penalty.
As she jumped up, Moby made a lurch to grab her but missed.