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lunge / выпад, удар, толчок
имя существительное
lunge, thrust, invective, insult, pass, hit
hit, impact, blow, strike, shock, lunge
push, impetus, impulse, thrust, kick, lunge
dash, dart, lunge, lash, fling out, pelt
наносить удар
strike a blow, deal a blow, lunge, strike at, deliver a blow, deliver
делать выпад
lunge, tilt against, tilt at, pass
имя существительное
a sudden forward thrust of the body, typically with an arm outstretched to attack someone or seize something.
he made a lunge at her
make a lunge.
the sequined guests lunged at the food
These two also work to stabilize the legs and help maintain correct knee tracking in exercises like the seesaw lunge so you can maximize the work of the other muscles involved.
Suddenly, Noah made a wild lunge for her, grabbing her around the waist and lifting her effortlessly off the ground.
Now would be a good time to help your horse to become accustomed to the lunge whip.
Jerry Lee worked her for about 20 minutes then saddled her and put her on a lunge line.
Willingham had come into the ring where Sabrina had attached a lunge line to the filly's bridle.
Start standing and inhale while stepping your left leg into a forward lunge with your left knee directly over your ankle.
Lucy made a lunge for Gabriel's wrist
No British record has ever made such a naked lunge for the American market.
She held out her hand behind him this time, knowing there would be no need for the lunge whip or lead line.
Her sudden lunge forward pushed Setsunai back and therefore, caused him to drop his sword and forced them to descend off the platform, rushing to their graves below.