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lunchtime / время обеда
обеденное время
lunch time, lunch
имя существительное
the time in the middle of day when lunch is eaten.
Make a note of the orchestra's Tuesday lunchtime concert at the same venue on August 10.
The following lunchtime , they met at their usual table.
On our visit, early one Saturday lunchtime , the restaurant was almost full.
at lunchtime they pulled into a lay-by for a picnic
A mere glance down the lunchtime menu had my taste buds tingling in anticipation.
So Adrian was forced to spend his lunchtime thinking on his own, again.
He spent all lunchtime chatting up girls at the library instead of planning our report.
Perhaps one day I'll find a reason to call in for a lunchtime sandwich.
The earthquake struck at around lunchtime on the last full day of their holiday.
One lunchtime he came back late and a colleague had to cover for him.
As lunchtime neared, we moved the interview down to a seafood restaurant on Stearn's Wharf.