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lunchroom / закусочная
имя существительное
snack-bar, eatery, lunchroom, bar, bistro, tavern
имя существительное
a room or establishment in which lunch is served or in which it may be eaten; a school or office cafeteria.
I walk into the lunchroom and my eyes search the room for a familiar face.
I was eating lunch in the lunchroom when it started, and as this room has no windows it went completely pitch black.
Secondly she hadn't seen or heard from Allie since that confrontation with Adam in the lunchroom .
Delia's shallow breaths and angry face were noticed as she plowed out of the lunchroom and towards the hall.
Grabbing a salad from the cafeteria, Alicia scanned the lunchroom for a spot to sit.
Alexia, Mark, Danny and Mia sat at a small round table towards the back corner of the lunchroom .
They gathered up in a single file line, and walked down to the lunchroom .
They're in a private lunchroom at the Van Nuys courthouse and they're having pizza and lasagna.
The lunchroom also is utilized as a conference room to help train employees.
To go to the cafeteria, students have to go up a ramp and follow a hallway which led to the lunchroom in a different building.
I walked into the lunchroom and sat down at our table, the first one there.