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luncheon / завтрак, легкий завтрак
имя существительное
breakfast, luncheon, brunch, bite, brekker
легкий завтрак
continental breakfast, luncheon, light meal
имя существительное
a formal lunch, or a formal word for lunch.
So far, the grant money has been used to fund monthly luncheons and dinners for female professionals in math and computer science to share their experiences with female math and computer science students at Macalester.
They are being invited to join award organisers and David at a buffet luncheon on Tuesday, May 24.
The only opportunity would be luncheon, but seating at the luncheon is random.
a ladies' luncheon was taking place
Following a buffet luncheon , the symposium closed quietly in the early afternoon.
The third guest at the luncheon has an inspiring story to tell.
Though this may sound insignificant, table etiquette, party behaviour and dress code are no less important, for business agreements come through during dinner meetings and luncheons these days.
The powers that be have, as I say, addressed this matter and those of us who don't have time to burn at midday will be offered professional dinners in addition to professional luncheons .
Through the committees we have luncheons and breakfasts with government officials and visiting business people.
When playing for wedding luncheons or dinners, Las Vegas Wedding Music's jazz musicians play loud enough to be heard but soft enough so that conversation can continue without straining.
Extravagant weddings, lavish dinner parties, luxurious luncheons , you name it and I attended it.