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lunatic / сумасшедший, безумный, умалишенный
имя прилагательное
crazy, madman, mad, lunatic, crazed, demented
insane, mad, crazy, frantic, reckless, lunatic
mad, lunatic, demented, bereft of reason
имя существительное
madman, lunatic, psycho, crackpot, bedlamite
lunatic, crackpot
insane, mental patient, lunatic
имя прилагательное
mentally ill (not in technical use).
Do you remember that one episode of X-Files with that crazed lunatic writer who was in love with Scully?
имя существительное
a mentally ill person (not in technical use).
She continued to gape at him as if he was a runaway lunatic from a nearby mental asylum.
The United Nations and NASA insist no one can own any part of the moon, but interplanetary auctioneers are selling parts of it at a lunatic price of £10 per acre.
Technically, the old lunatic hadn't retired, he was just on stress leave.
What happens if you break all the rules and throw your reputation behind a lunatic scheme to let people hear world-class classical music for the price of a couple of pints?
I said I found him, not that he was some insane lunatic murderer trying to kill me!
When everything that's going on on-screen is so chaotic and crazy, it doesn't help when it's cut together with such lunatic randomness.
I shook my head and locked myself in the bathroom to take a shower, hoping my crazy, lunatic uncle would let us out before then.
On the right is the first victim, the lunatic who had lived his last moments in fear of death, and had sadly found it after seeking refuge in my asylum.
Some of this is emanating from the usual sources on the lunatic left of journalism, but the allegations are retailed generally by those who want to believe them, under the guise of merely reporting disquiet.
There have been many other dissenting voices protesting the sale of public sector companies but these have been largely disregarded as the predictable ravings of the lunatic Left.
‘We have arrived at a lunatic situation where there is one law for one group and a different law for others,’ he said.