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lumpy / комковатый, бугорчатый
имя прилагательное
lumpy, cloggy
lumpy, tuberous, papillose, tuberculous
имя прилагательное
full of or covered with lumps.
he lay on the lumpy mattress
But, as I hinted above, I'd also peek under that slightly lumpy corner of the rug.
Right in front of my nose a canvass blanket covered a lumpy pile.
Calmer patches on the way to Claife and Adelaide drew the fleet together before Five pulled away from Kiffs and Zephyr in the lumpy waters of Millerground Bay.
I can only assume that for my buddies in Tortola, this will only mean a bit of rain and some lumpy seas.
The mattress, he discovered, was too thin to be sprung and slightly lumpy .
There was a small desk made of metal opposite his squeaky, lumpy bed.
Even the basics are not up to scratch as the court, laid at the last minute, slopes alarmingly and is uneven in some places and positively lumpy in others.
She seriously doubted a lumpy mattress would make for a good night's sleep.
The room was quiet, as the food - fine couscous, raisins, honey and lumpy sour milk - appeared.
Imagine two roads: one smooth, well-paved, well-maintained, the other lumpy and full of cracks and pits.