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lumpish / неуклюжий, глыбообразный, тяжеловесный
имя прилагательное
clumsy, awkward, bumbling, hulking, lumbering, lumpish
heavy, ponderous, stodgy, elephantine, graceless, lumpish
имя прилагательное
roughly or clumsily formed or shaped.
those large and lumpish hands could produce exquisitely fine work
She is a ghastly, lumpish , sullenly withdrawn girl who leaves great quantities of unflushed paper in the toilet and feeds exclusively on rocklike muffins she constantly bakes from a packaged mix.
Its waiting list is described as ‘very, very long’: it seems that the great and the good of Scotland are anxious to join in whatever goes on in that lumpish piece of neo-classical building in Buccleuch Street known as the Archers' Hall.
A vintage white Ambassador - that lumpish fifties-era sedan still found throughout India's hinterland - creeps along within the bright human throng.
The buildings are formed from quite blunt, lumpish volumes, which are then cut and deformed according to an abstract procedure.
Once wide awake, even enterprising, they slowly become dilatory, leaden, slow, laggard, and lumpish .
She feels it hanging round her like a great, lumpish stone.
The hands, however, did no good, for she was scarcely a few feet in the door when she tripped heavily over something large and lumpish , and half face-planted into a wall, legs still tangled in the object she'd tripped over.
Silent and lumpish , he seems to live chiefly through the random fixations of his senses.
He studied antiquity in immense detail, in search of a basis for reforming modern architecture, which he thought had become lumpish and boring.
The simplest and most lumpish fungus has a peculiar interest to us, compared with a mere mass of earth, because it is so obviously organic and related to ourselves, however remote.