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lumper / подрядчик, портовый грузчик
имя существительное
contractor, builder, lumper
портовый грузчик
stevedore, lumper, shoreman, shoresman, cargador
имя существительное
a laborer who unloads cargo.
a person (especially a taxonomist) who attaches more importance to similarities than to differences in classification.
Charles Darwin divided taxonomists into lumpers and splitters.
As evidenced by review of his work, he was a lumper who frequently grouped a variety of valid cyrtospiriferid species under one name.
He said that he tended to be a lumper and felt that the splitters had often created many more species than the evidence justified, which he said is a ‘huge problem’ in paleoanthropology.
What looks like one phenomenon to a lumper may look like three to a splitter.
Of course whether a species should be retained in a former genus or placed in a new one is often an arbitrary choice, which brings us to the battle between the splitters and the lumpers .
One sometimes sees the difference between splitters and lumpers presented as one of taste and personality.
There are three kinds of historians: lumpers , who use highly technical terminology; splitters, who catalog broad similarities among various events and people; and those who record the differences.
Nonetheless I notice some hardcore lumpers are already expressing doubts.
The splitters of linguistics have this problem: they're just not as interesting as the lumpers .
Charles Darwin divided taxonomists into lumpers and splitters.