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lumpen / деклассированный
имя прилагательное
declassed, declasse, lumpen
имя прилагательное
(in Marxist contexts) uninterested in revolutionary advancement.
the lumpen public is enveloped in a culture of dependency
имя существительное
the lumpenproletariat.
And none ever sucked so much money out of the lumpen .
And that's just your average lumpen British builder.
The lumpen and guilt-stricken driver, on the other hand, is as made for the task.
Or, to be more precise, giving the lazy-minded lumpen proles what they want.
But even in the face of this lumpen barrier to progress, we still dream.
At long last the lumpen England fan has woken from a deep historic stupor and realised that Scotland is off, and is never coming back.
We are not obliged to share the superficial view that lumpen social layers possess an inherently revolutionary character.
The lumpen city mayor, meanwhile, has a plan: bulldoze the former homes of the poor, introduce city-wide internet access and build seven new casinos.
It cannot be any great source of wonder, then, that the lumpen jerks singing away so merrily in praise of genocide and terrorism at Ibrox and Celtic Park might feel the tiniest bit justified.
More significantly, these agents have become crusaders for the issue and while mobilising support among the young, and largely lumpen groups, have spearheaded a hate campaign against the religious minorities.
And none ever sucked so much money out of the lumpen .