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lump / кусок, ком, опухоль
имя существительное
piece, chunk, lump, bit, bite, bar
clod, lump, ball, globe, wodge, cob
tumor, swelling, growth, lump, neoplasm, rising
имя прилагательное
lump, cake, nubbly
взятый в целом
dump, lump, get out, drop, tip, shuffle off
смешивать в кучу
lump, lump together, lump with
смешивать в общую массу
lump, lump together, lump with, knead
имя существительное
a compact mass of a substance, especially one without a definite or regular shape.
there was a lump of ice floating in the milk
put in an indiscriminate mass or group; treat as alike without regard for particulars.
Hong Kong and Bangkok tend to be lumped together in travel brochures
proceed heavily or awkwardly.
I came lumping along behind him
accept or tolerate a disagreeable situation whether one likes it or not.
you can like it or lump it but I've got to work
walk with difficulty, typically because of a damaged or stiff leg or foot.
he limped heavily as he moved
Ask your doctor to check you over if you find an unexplained, tender lump on your head.
We go to London to talks to a geologist at the Natural History Museum about meteors and a lump of what might be the moon which landed on the Nullabor Plain in Australia.
Alex stared down at the lump of an unknown substance currently residing on his lunch tray.
Genetic information can be used to classify and lump , split and separate, identify and admit.
Her head started pounding, so she lifted a hand to the area where she had bumped her head and winced when she felt the forming swelling of a lump .
I turned away and slid back down the mound, only to feel a lump of something at my feet.
the coalman had to lump one-hundredweight sacks right through the house
he was unhurt apart from a huge lump on his head
Police have branded two boys who threw a lump of concrete at a truck travelling on a busy Braintree road as ‘irresponsible and stupid’.
There was a gash in his left calf where a rock or something and cut through his pants and into his leg and a huge lump on the back of his head.