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lumberyard / лесной склад
имя существительное
лесной склад
lumberyard, yard, timber-yard
имя существительное
a place that sells lumber and other building materials, usually outdoors.
All of these fillers - and more - can be found at home centers, hardware stores, lumberyards and other building material retailers.
Two standard roofing coatings are available at your local hardware store or lumberyard .
The colonial American timberyard resembled, in many ways, the modern lumberyard .
If he can't help, try to find the lumberyard or siding distributor who supplied your builder.
You'll need to rip a few boards into smaller sizes; you can use a table saw or ask the lumberyard to do it.
I went over to the lumberyard to buy some steel siding, insulation, and a good steel cutter.
In fact, lumber is typically exposed to rainfall during the time that it is in stock in the lumberyard .
Take the sketch to your local home center or lumberyard , and ask the salesperson to estimate and price the materials you'll need.
You'll find hardwood flooring at a local millwork shop, lumberyard or floor-covering store.
Brad tells a similar story about the contract sales manager at the lumberyard he got most of his wood from.
The railroad used to come here and rolled right on into the only thing of any stature in the village (aside from the church): the lumberyard .