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lumber / пиломатериалы, хлам, лесоматериал
имя существительное
lumber, industrial wood
trash, rubbish, junk, stuff, lumber, rummage
timber, wood, lumber
rumble, lumber, lumber along, lumber past, thunder, lumber by
obstruct, encumber, lumber, jam, lumber up, choke up
fell, cut, throw, fall, get out, lumber
имя существительное
timber sawn into rough planks or otherwise partly prepared.
A total of six ships have put in here asking for both furs and lumber in the past two months.
articles of furniture or other household items that are no longer useful and inconveniently take up storage space.
a lumber room
move in a slow, heavy, awkward way.
a truck filled his mirror and lumbered past
cut and prepare forest timber for transport and sale.
the traditional resource industries of the nation, chiefly fishing and lumbering
burden (someone) with an unwanted responsibility, task, or set of circumstances.
Given that it is unlikely that the State will wish to be lumbered with the crushing financial burden of this obsolete dinosaur from a decadent age, an interested body of Sligo citizens should be formed immediately.
Treated lumber has been around for decades, and is generally considered to be a very safe product.
a lumber company
Or you can build a simple three or four side enclosure out of scrap lumber .
Born in Glasgow in 1850, he migrated at the age of four to Quebec, where his father built up a lucrative career in shipbuilding and lumber .
Natural beauty is integral to every piece of redwood lumber .
You can frame raised beds with lumber or form unframed beds like ours by shaping soil into level, flat-sided mounds about 8 inches high.
Hence perhaps why much is made of the variety of subject matter in Sebald's novels, like a lumber room in a rundown mansion ready for an enthusiast's rummage.
Pieces of lumber appeared, were carefully measured and then taken back to the workshop for fine tuning.
Trucks steadily lumber across the bridge linking the countries, ferrying North Korean raw materials into China and Chinese manufactured goods to market in North Korea.
they end the evening in a disco where they wait for a lumber