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lullaby / колыбельная, мягкие звуки, успокаивающие звуки
имя существительное
мягкие звуки
успокаивающие звуки
lull, cradle, hush, lullaby, rock, sopite
имя существительное
a quiet, gentle song sung to send a child to sleep.
Participants learned the old lullabies and folk songs of their mothers and grandmothers joyfully and enthusiastically.
sing to (someone) to get them to go to sleep.
she lullabied us, she fed us
His singing-voice sounded so soft, like he was singing a lullaby .
As for new songs, there's a Latvian lullaby , a Czech dirge and a Bulgarian ballad.
The music is Celtic-Emerald Isle - the songs are a lullaby .
The music is the best thing about the film, which includes spirituals, work songs, a lullaby , and a great sequence in a saloon with honky-tonk jazz.
She tucked her into bed and sang her a soft lullaby .
In fact, he said if you woke up, I was to sing you a lullaby to get you back to sleep if I had to.
You see, my mother used to sing me a lullaby before I went to sleep.
They bantered a few minutes more before everyone quieted down and simply enjoyed the ambience and the lullaby being sung for them.
Feeling that resonance was an extraordinary experience that was both like listening to a lullaby and an awakening song.
He started singing a lullaby , and I stood in the doorway, watching them.