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lukewarm / теплый, тепловатый, вялый
имя прилагательное
warm, lukewarm, hot, cordial, soft, heartwarming
lukewarm, tepid, warmish
sluggish, slack, flaccid, languid, listless, lukewarm
имя прилагательное
(of liquid or food that should be hot) only moderately warm; tepid.
they drank bitter lukewarm coffee
Use only lukewarm water; cool water may cause shivering, which actually raises body temperature.
Cool until lukewarm then beat with a whisk or electric beaters until creamy.
Later we were taken for lunch to a state restaurant where lukewarm fish, vegetables and rice were produced from a chilly kitchen.
The plan had received lukewarm support from fellow politicians.
But even Sweden, one of the countries that wanted to reduce its spending, was lukewarm on the proposals.
Sipping coffee that is lukewarm , he reads about a thing called False Memory Syndrome.
And her first film, The Virgin Suicides, received only a lukewarm response.
Once I did run a rather lukewarm review and I can tell you, I felt bad about it.
The reviews have been rather lukewarm for the movie.
But it is not right for the government to take such a lukewarm attitude.