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luckily / к счастью, по счастливой случайности
к счастью
fortunately, luckily, happily, mercifully
по счастливой случайности
by good fortune, luckily, fortunately
it is fortunate that.
luckily they didn't recognize me
They did an excellent set- as usual- and luckily the rain held off until they'd finished.
We walked along to make sure it got round the corner - luckily it just made it.
luckily they didn't recognize me
I'm getting quite excited about it now and, luckily , I've got a month to come up with a story.
luckily for me, someone came to my aid
I'm sure nobody believed us, but we persevered and luckily most of our sponsors have stuck by us.
And luckily yesterday was nothing compared to today, when all I had to do was go to work.
The offenders then tried to leave the scene in the victim's car, which luckily didn't start.
Thus, there are more spare houses in the village and luckily the ancient houses are well kept.
I've been in the mountains and luckily there's been no snow so I'm in very good condition.