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lucerne / люцерна
имя существительное
alfalfa, lucerne
имя существительное
a resort on the western shore of Lake Lucerne, in central Switzerland; population 58,381 (2007). German name Luzern.
There are about 800 water licences to extract Lachlan water, mostly belonging to family farms growing lucerne , wheat, hay and in recent years maize.
They are looking currently for high protein hay, and that would be lucerne , vetch and clover hay and those stocks are dwindling.
We put in irrigation and grew lucerne on the second farm to feed the sheep on the main farm.
Living on an irrigation property on the banks of the Murray River, Ray's childhood was spent on the farm helping with flood irrigation, fencing, harvesting lucerne , shearing and crutching.
Dams were one solution, both to slake the thirst of livestock and to feed patches of green lucerne for ostriches.
It would be extremely useful if pasture legumes like lucerne and sub clover could be modified to utilise some of this large reservoir of currently unavailable phosphorus.
Ergot is a fungus that grows on lucerne or barley.
Only in Flanders and a few contiguous districts was grain rotated with soil-restoring fodder crops, such as clover, lucerne , and sainfoin, and fallow thus eliminated.
Some green manures, legumes such as lucerne and field beans, also have the ability to take nitrogen from the air and fix it into nodules in their roots.
The slugs also preferred the leaves of lucerne , white clover and lupins, to the wheat plants.