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lubricate / смазать, смазывать, подмазывать
lubricate, grease, oil
grease, lubricate, smear, oil, anoint, slur
apply a substance such as oil or grease to (an engine or component) to minimize friction and allow smooth movement.
remove the nut and lubricate the thread
remove the nut and lubricate the thread
The unit uses soy-bean-based biodegradable oil and compressed air to lubricate metal components that are being machined or drilled.
It is crucial that your oil be warm and fluid to properly lubricate the engine, even in winter.
If you want to lubricate the freewheel mechanism, access to it can be gained by pulling off the left side axle end cap by clamping this end cap in an axle vice and pulling the hub in line with the axle.
They also tend to concentrate power in the hands of powerful clan-based political chiefs, since only they have the authority and prestige to broker the backroom deals needed to lubricate the system.
The end result is that the engine oil pumps will continue to lubricate the engine, but the scavenge pumps will not be able to maintain a pressure head and oil will pool up inside the engine.
Check fluid levels, lubricate and grease wherever and whenever recommended by the manufacturer.
remove the nut and lubricate the thread
The Defenders will also be running on a mix of more combustible aviation fuel and oil to help lubricate the engine.
This is particularly important at idle when there is no splash oiling from the connecting rods and crankshaft to lubricate the cam and lifter contact points.