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lube / машинное масло
имя существительное
машинное масло
engine oil, lube, lube oil
имя существительное
a lubricant.
There are now fortified dry lubes, synthetic wet lubes, self-cleaning wax lubes, all-condition lubes , chain cleaners, chain grunge brushes and more.
lubricate (something).
In low-speed applications, ball bearings are lubed with grease.
By the end of the two-hour session, these women know how to make their bikes fit their bodies, how to clean their bikes, lube their chains and determine what's working properly and what's not.
He shuttles her to the tops of mountains for practice runs, keeps their 52-foot sailboat shipshape, and makes sure she doesn't completely lose touch with the world beyond dirt and chain lube .
Experts also recommend an especially formulated tire-mounting lube or no lubrication at all.
In most shops the lube alone would cost at least £9!
I simply place 100 cases in a shallow cardboard tray, and use a spray-on lube before running them through the progressive cycle.
Otherwise they hold on to whatever touches them, and the chain will have enough lube on it to moisten up the cogs where it contacts each one.
This lube is for slides, rails, bushings - anywhere you need good lube to migrate.
His recommendation that riders use a chain lube which does not attract or hold dirt as a means of keeping the cassette clean certainly hits close to home for me.
Since the amount of actual sizing work done is very little, I apply the lube sparingly and often just lube every other case.
That's messy, and then you've got to - somehow - clean the lube out of the case.