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lubber / увалень, большой неуклюжий человек, неопытный моряк
имя существительное
lubber, goof, laggard, lummox, galoot, dub
большой неуклюжий человек
hulk, jumbo, lubber
неопытный моряк
freshwater sailor, landsman, lubber
имя прилагательное
clumsy, awkward, bumbling, hulking, lumbering, lubber
имя существительное
a big, clumsy person.
I (a lubber , admittedly) was impressed by the research they seemed to have done into naval maneuvering and combat.
‘Stop being such a lubber about it,’ Tobias sighed but said nothing as Kennedy and the gunner, Gallagher entered the room.
‘Maybe we can use the lubber to persuade Thor to help us,’ mused the gold ship.
Did ye know that I could hear ye lubbers all the way from the surface?
He should at all times correct lubberly and untidy habits of other members of the crew.
But it looks like I won't be terribly useful to you lubbers outside o’ bein’ a transport, since I'm so bulky!
‘Make your conduct most lubberly and un-Navy-like!’ advises cunning Jack.
Cunliffe writes the antithesis of the old landlocked history but it still has a lubberly feel, an unwillingness to get its feet wet.
Lit'rally speaking, I am the ship you lubbers are standin’ on now.