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loyalty / лояльность, верность, преданность
имя существительное
loyalty, allegiance, fidelity, faith, faithfulness, trustiness
fidelity, loyalty, faithfulness, allegiance, faith, adherence
devotion, dedication, loyalty, fidelity, allegiance, attachment
имя существительное
the quality of being loyal to someone or something.
her loyalty to her husband of 34 years
There was even a provision requiring new nationals to swear an oath of loyalty to the Republic.
But their obedience was born out of necessity not out of blind loyalty to the crown.
They have no loyalty to a ruling class that exploits them and represses them while claiming some higher unity.
You must pledge your undying loyalty to me, and only me.
Irrespective of differences and arguments his loyalty to socialism never wavered.
Despite his frequently tense relations with his superiors, he engendered fierce loyalty among many of his subordinates.
Despite their ongoing loyalty to the museum, both are well aware of its limitations.
The party is made an equivalent of the nation, and loyalty to the fatherland is transferred to the party.
In response, traditional retailers will need to increase their focus on building consumer loyalty to insure repeat visits.
he has no loyalty to his own family