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lowly / скромный, непритязательный, занимающий низкое положение
имя прилагательное
modest, humble, frugal, small, unassuming, lowly
unassuming, lowly, unfussy, lowbrow, downhome, homely
занимающий низкое положение
lowly, decently, coyly, abstemiously, maidenly, maidenlike
имя прилагательное
low in status or importance; humble.
she was too good for her lowly position
to a low degree; in a low manner.
lowly paid workers
For a lowly freshman she sure had a lot of excess attitude.
‘I figured for five years of absence, I could get a pretty dress and a nice party,’ she said lowly with a half smile.
Despite its lowly status, mucus plays a valuable role in the body.
The UK remains a relatively lowly taxed country compared with its European partners.
‘That discussion is not for tonight,’ he said lowly and continued eating.
He came to live among us, not in ‘Buckingham Palace with royalty’ but as a carpenter in a humble home in the lowly village of Nazareth.
He had status, ultimate power and the chance to win the glory denied him on land by his lowly position in the rigid social hierarchy of 18th - century Britain.
Darwin's last major publication was a treatise on the lowly earthworm that exemplified the meticulous scientific method that brought him to fame.
He did well to desist: it is impossible to imagine him as the crushed, shuffling Willy Loman, a tragic hero designed for a lowly democratic society.
Ah well, at least I can get a concession ticket now, thanks to my lowly student status.