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lowbrow / малообразованный, непритязательный
имя прилагательное
lowbrow, unbooked, low-browed
unassuming, lowly, unfussy, lowbrow, downhome, homely
имя существительное
малообразованный человек
имя прилагательное
not highly intellectual or cultured.
lowbrow tabloids
имя существительное
a lowbrow person.
These long cerebral articles are not read by the lowbrows .
The context has provided a moment of unexpected, lowbrow hilarity.
Their show, which comes to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this month, is a collision between lowbrow Las Vegas dazzle and highbrow European aesthetics.
Deplorable as this preference may be, it's hardly as deplorable as the gulf which these cultural assumptions themselves created between the lowbrow public and the university-educated art world and artists.
Some context: my flatmate was just back from London, I was just back from camping, we wanted two things - beer and a lowbrow action film.
On one side you find the ruthless pursuit of profit and lowbrow culture.
Shakespeare in Love had at least 6 fantastic performances, a brilliant screenplay that mixed highbrow and lowbrow humor, and actually had some interesting things to say about love and the creative process.
While some might question the appeal of a show set in such lowbrow circumstances, I found it refreshing.
Until recently I thought how-to books to be popular, in a lowbrow sort of way.
Call me a lowbrow , a philistine if you like, but I wasn't lured to Vienna by any of these.
Rather than present a biting satirical assailment on religion, I shall present a puerile, lowbrow rant on religion's younger brother, cult worship.