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low-yield / с низким выходом
низкая урожайность
low output, low profitability
имя прилагательное
producing little; giving a low return.
low-yield investment
And, in fact, this bomb is rated second only to a low-yield thermonuclear warhead, if I recall correctly.
When banks securitize a pool of assets, they sell the low-risk, low-yield portion to conservative investors.
Indeed, in this low-yield environment, a bond fund with a flexible investment policy might be just the ticket.
These include diverting the rays from a nuclear explosion and pumping it out in a beam, or very low-yield nuclear weapons to destroy missiles or electronics with radiation alone.
Any other decision would carry too great a risk and this England management used up all their high-risk, low-yield return last season.
Earlier this year the Senate voted to end the ban, provided the Pentagon and Department of Energy sought authorisation from Congress before researching development of low-yield nuclear weapons.
Such investment in low-yield instruments must be discontinued and Bulgarian business must be attracted to invest in various instruments in the interests of Bulgaria, he said.
I mean I think the most blatant message was the fact that they're going to have a strategy of preemption that might even include using low-yield nuclear weapons.
Destroying hard and buried targets, such as bunkers built beneath mountains or tunnels placed hundreds of feet below ground, is the main justification behind the bid to develop new low-yield , earth-penetrating nuclear weapons.
While half of Nova Scotia's apples go to low-yield commodity products like juice, the vast majority of Scotian Gold apples are premium eating apples.