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low-tech / несложный, нетехнологичный
имя прилагательное
simple, foolproof, onefold, dolly, low-tech
имя прилагательное
involved in, employing, or requiring only low technology.
low-tech solar heating systems
But can low-tech subsistence agriculture improve people's quality of life better than the hated multinationals?
It was, as the UK Guardian points out, ‘a low-tech but devastating assault’.
My strip is a low-tech , one-man operation, and I like it that way.
It's a low-tech field without the huge expense of drugs.
Until recently, commercial espionage cases have been low-tech .
The glass factory produces a wide range of products with a low-tech and traditional technology based on well-developed labour skills.
The company's determinedly low-tech adverts featuring real staff dancing to cheesy music have almost achieved cult status.
If you love low-tech as much as I do - or if you just want to get organized - you'll want to take a look.
These low-tech ways of attacking have the advantage that they do not leave a return address in the way that launching a missile would do.
The biggest need of the community is low-tech equipment, such as hand-operated sewing machines and sturdy bicycles.