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low-pressure / низкое давление
низкое давление
lower pressure, reduced pressure
имя прилагательное
involving a small or limited degree of physical force.
a low-pressure nozzle is recommended
involving a low level of activity or exertion; nonstressful.
her low-pressure style of teaching
имя существительное
a condition of the atmosphere in which the pressure is below average (e.g., in a depression).
areas of low pressure almost always bring rain
First, the high silica contents of the glasses argue for low-pressure crystallization, as the solubility of silica increases as pressure decreases.
A low-pressure system had kicked up quite a storm, and the roller-coaster waves made for an inauspicious beginning.
Since the concept involved a 4-inch blade, a high-tension lock and a low-pressure release, there was little margin for error.
A significant metamorphic break commonly occurs across the detachment, with low-pressure rocks in the upper plate and high-pressure rocks in the lower plate.
Why do we use a low-pressure gun to wash this piece of machinery?
Do an activity together, allowing the teen to talk in a low-pressure environment.
Journals are a good, low-pressure forum for student writing that exercises critical thinking as well as writing skills.
The surface weather map shows an open warm sector with a deepening low-pressure centre.
That number reflects the difference in atmospheric pressure between a long-lived low-pressure area south of Iceland and a high-pressure area off the northwestern coast of Africa.
For cylinder head production, the plant employs low-pressure die casting.