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low-lying / низкорасположенный, нележкий
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
at low altitude above sea level.
flooding problems in low-lying areas
Many a low-lying island in the Pacific and Indian Oceans faces the very real threat of slipping beneath the sea.
Shallow pools were then dug in low-lying land along the rivers at Sraghmore a mile away and on the winter freezes provided the ice.
The objectors say the problem is that Iburndale Beck runs alongside the land and the area is a low-lying flood plain.
On Fiji's low-lying islands, salt water intrusion can come from above as well as below.
The coastal region of the Humber estuary is low-lying and gradually eroding inland.
Inland wetlands are common on floodplains along rivers and streams and in other low-lying areas.
The Mimika region is largely a low-lying swamp intersected by rivers on Irian Jaya's southern coastal area.
A spokeswoman warned river levels are high and with further rainfall forecast there may be some flooding on low-lying land near to rivers.
The most dramatic effect would be an increase in sea levels due to melting of the polar ice caps causing many low-lying costal areas to flood.
Many vineyards planted in low-lying valleys alongside rice fields have high water-tables and a high risk of flooding.