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low-level / на небольшой высоте, невысокий, низкоуровневый
имя прилагательное
на небольшой высоте
low, short, lower, moderate, low-level, low-rise
имя прилагательное
situated relatively near or below ground level.
low-level flying was banned
No part of the Silicon Glen across the Central Belt has escaped the recession in the industry, which has hit low-level assembly jobs hardest.
Since many local shopkeepers think they will scare away customers if hired, they are cut off even from low-level jobs.
Others argue the effect of low-level radiation may be amplified by ‘toxins’ emitted from irradiated cells to non-irradiated ‘bystanders’.
This is a very important factor for aircraft pilots to take into consideration during take-off and landing or when engaged in low-level flying.
I had just started a low-level job at the Village Voice, imagining it would be, even in this beleaguered climate, a bastion of what was left of the Left.
But when the FDA was confronted in court with evidence of such internal opposition, the agency responded by suggesting that the comments were only from low-level employees.
He said before takeoff that they would perform a daring low-level pass 200 meters above ground at a speed of 900 kilometers per hour.
With all that silicon and increasingly-programmable APIs, low-level GPU programming is growing exponentially more intricate.
The ticket hall will be modernised, with a low-level counter for wheelchair users, and there will also be environmental improvements, new passenger information systems, and better signs to local facilities.
We need to concentrate on those kind of jobs instead of trying to save low-level jobs that we have to subsidize to keep.