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low-impact / низкое влияние
низкий удар
низкое влияние
имя прилагательное
denoting exercises, typically aerobics, designed to put little or no harmful stress on the body.
Walking, jogging and low-impact aerobics are good options for weight-bearing exercise.
(of an activity, industry, or product) affecting or altering the environment as little as possible.
Essentially what the environmental groups want is increased emphasis on trail development and low-impact recreation, less on economic benefits.
Members of the Taoist Tai Chi society accompanied James and gave a demonstration of the benefits the eastern low-impact exercise can have for older people.
Learn about and see first-hand some local examples of low-impact development.
We cooked on both our stove and fires during our trip, and used low-impact methods or existing fire rings so we didn't mess things up.
At that point, he exchanged long runs for more low-impact cross-training.
To attempt to provide low-impact , low-maintenance, fuel-efficient accommodation in such a place is an extraordinarily brave, and bold, undertaking.
The low-impact movements allow weak and injured bodies to slowly rebuild strength, while improving posture and reducing pain.
In 1997, he came up with low-impact development technology and then used an EPA grant to convert the local model into a national one.
Walking, jogging and low-impact aerobics are good options for weight-bearing exercise.
In addition, at the national parks and forests, many of the visitor stations offer free publications that detail simple low-impact camping skills.
Once upon a time, many youth camps in the United States were examples of sustainable, low-impact design and operation.