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low-grade / пологий уклон
имя существительное
пологий уклон
имя прилагательное
off, low-grade
shoddy, tabloid, of base alloy, cheapjack, bush league, low-grade
имя прилагательное
of low quality or strength.
low-grade steel
Do the people holding low-grade office and factory jobs have what it takes for the information age?
The low-grade steel, which was given zero rust protection at the Naples plant, was just about acceptable in the warm, dry climate of the south.
There has been no meaningful talk between the sides on what really ails the sport: the low-grade quality of the games themselves.
Malt lymphomas are low-grade malignancies, and progression to a high-grade lymphoma is rare, occurring in less than 10% of cases.
He gives little sense of the place of the poor in the information/service economy, which is important as many low-grade data entry jobs are being farmed out to the Third World.
It's the people in low-grade jobs who have less power and more anxiety.
Only until about 10 years ago, all of India's coffee was bought up by the Government - at a universal price and with expectation of seven year's credit - and sold as low-grade blends.
China has been restructuring its steel industry, increasingly replacing low-grade domestic iron ore with imported iron ore of better quality.
In place of skills, knowledge and seams developed over generations came ‘cheap’ imports of low-grade coal and the return to open-cast mining.
Men and women everywhere hawked government-controlled newspapers printed on a grayish, low-grade newsprint no doubt full of comparably dull propaganda.