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low-end / низким уровнем конца
нижний конец
lower end
нижний предел
lower limit
имя прилагательное
denoting the cheaper products of a range, especially of audio or computer equipment.
As in a lot of cases, if your budget allows it, do not go with very low-end products.
Such a policy has to prevent of high-end customers from buying low-end products.
To find publishers who sell high-end or low-end games, go to a software store and look around.
Cable operators were buying mainly the low-end digital boxes, as the chart at right shows.
So, even a basic low-end computer will operate this program with little or no problem.
Ho said the government should build low-end housing in areas where the poor congregate.
The tools need to be capable of running on both low-end and high-end workstations.
A lot of low-end notebooks don't come with a wireless adapter, but this one does.
Most of the complaints are that the services provided in some low-end toilets do not match the fees charged.
Again, technology in the form of low-end electronics components came to the rescue.
The quality of low-end wines can be passable in some cases, worse in others.