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lovesick / томящийся от любви
имя прилагательное
томящийся от любви
имя прилагательное
in love, or missing the person one loves, so much that one is unable to act normally.
a lovesick teenager
I whispered to myself as a lovesick middle schooler would do.
I examined the poster, wondering if I would ever have my face plastered all over the rooms of football fans and lovesick girls.
The two of you will act like lovesick teenagers, and ramble towards the car, where I will be waiting for you.
That would require regressing back to the spineless, lovesick blind man he'd been during the relationship.
Her feelings were enough to deal with, but hearing him babble like a lovesick teenager pushed her way over the edge.
Just hearing his voice was making me feel all dopey and lovesick .
Yet, there he was, dreaming away like a lovesick prepubescent girl.
I'm surrounded by lovesick fools, making puppy dog eyes at each other.
Charlotte sighed, apparently giving him up as a lovesick fool.
I was just a boy, a sixteen-year-old boy, lovesick for almost the first time with a girl, a girl with some problems.