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lover / любовник, любитель, возлюбленный
имя существительное
lover, paramour, man, inamorato, minion, lay
amateur, lover, fan, buff, fancier, dilettante
lover, sweetheart, love, dear, boyfriend, valentine
имя существительное
a person having a sexual or romantic relationship with someone, often outside marriage.
The two of them quickly pair off and start swapping sexual secrets and tales of past lovers .
The lover wants his beloved to devote to him her preferences, her gestures, her caresses.
Here the sensuous wooing of the traditional lover is replaced by a display of coy and squeamish chastity.
And, as usual, entry to this book lover 's paradise would be absolutely free.
But his biggest problem could still be his former lover .
She's going to see her parents to tell them she's moving out to stay with her lesbian lover .
Other poems deal with the grief of losing a lover , and the love of a father for his child.
If a husband catches his wife's lover in a wardrobe, can he kill him?
As he took her to a tavern in York, Nance explained that she had left her lover , a married highwayman.
He was a great lover of music, animals, and country life and enjoyed tennis and golf.
The two plays focus on a woman who rejects a marriage proposal and is attacked by the jilted lover .