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louvre / жалюзийное отверстие
имя существительное
жалюзийное отверстие
louver, louvre
имя существительное
the principal museum and art gallery of France, in Paris, housed in the former royal palace built by Francis I. The Louvre holds the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo.
It has a steeply pitched octagonal roof, drawing smoke and steam upwards from the great corner fireplaces to an elaborate central louvre .
louvre doors
All spaces are permeated by light striated by the louvres , but the effect can be changed radically.
It is also preferable that these vents be covered with screens, rather than louvers , to provide unrestricted air flow.
Stylish wood window shutter panels with operable louvers offer privacy as well as control over the amount of light that enters a room.
These days the computer room is ventilated by fan and also has louvres in the door.
For summer rain, trellising can be covered with shingles, shakes, reed fencing bamboo, window screens, louvers , canvas, glass or plastic.
These are high ceilings, big windows and doors, with louvres , mosquito netting on four-poster beds.
When the fan is activated, the air movement pulls the spring-mounted louvers open, allowing the air to flow into the attic.
She tried to achieve a similar transitional effect using structural elements only, with slatted awnings and louvred screens at different angles, allowing a constantly shifting, complicated play of light and shadow.