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lout / хам, деревенщина, неуклюжий человек
имя существительное
cad, lout, twerp, tyke, mucker, tike
redneck, lout, bushman, hick, hillbilly, yokel
неуклюжий человек
galoot, lout, oaf, goon, lobster
неотесанный человек
lubber, joskin, loon, lout, oaf
be rude to, lout
insult, offend, huff, abuse, revile, lout
имя существительное
an uncouth or aggressive man or boy.
drunken louts
he ended up brawling with a lout outside a curry house
He's a tearaway, a lout , a hooligan, and he's got a previous conviction for affray.
Alexander was a drunken lout for most of his career.
Then one of the drunken louts caught her foot and she tumbled forward, hitting her head on the hardwood chair.
The town may be a slice of rural England by day but town councillors say at night drunken louts recreate scenes normally reserved for town and city centres.
The event is a showcase for agencies involved in the prevention of crime and disorder and will cover issues such as nuisance neighbours, loutish behaviour, dog-fouling and high hedges.
Drunken louts could have all their booze confiscated under new police powers that have come into force.
It follows an escalation of vandalism and loutishness in both resorts over recent months and a determination by town councillors to crack down on the anti-social behaviour.
Extra security has been set up to ensure that no louts or hooligans will spoil the match for spectators.
They are a tight-knit community with people of status at the helm, but even their best efforts cannot control the lunatic, bullying, and loutish few.